Essential info you NEED to know that your Instructor SHOULD tell you.

On your first lesson wether you have drove before your instructor should tell you these things:-

1) You should be told about your theory test and explain how to do it with cd rom for your computer or apps for your smart phone or tablet.

There are highway code apps now that have free updates so you don´t need to buy another one when out of date.

2) You should also be told about the driving test as well. Yes, i am teaching you "safe driving for life" but you also need to know what to expect on test day.

3) Before or just after getting into the car your instructor should do an eye test with you before you drive off for the first time. Otherwise how do they know you can see the signs.

4) Explain that during lessons YOU (the pupil) could get a speeding ticket during a driving lesson if not going within the speed limit. (3 points on your license and a fine).

5) After you driving test YOU are on probation for 2 years. You are only allowed up to 6 points on your license before losing it and then having to send off and pay for a new license, take your theory test again and if that isn´t enough take your driving test again.

6) If your instructors tyres are bald or are not within the minimum legal depth tread of 1.6mm across the three quarter breadth of the tyre YOU

the pupil could get 3 points on YOUR license and up to a £1000 fine. (very good reason to give the car a once over).

7) I have an app on my ipad which is called the "Driving test report". This is what you should be shown not only what to expect for test day but the signature you sign on this form should be the same as whats n your license otherwise you could be refused to go out on your test.

This is also the form I use for the mock tests with all my pupils so you know how the examiners test you and mark you.

The "Driving test report" should show you when you are ready for a test rather than an instructor saying "you are going to need another 10 or 20 lessons". This way you can see for yourself when you are ready. I never give pupils amounts of lessons they need as you could improve your pace of learning and then you think i am in it just for the money.

8) Come away from a lesson with a new skill or an improved one.

9) Make sure you are treated the same way you would expect to be treated for paying for a premium service. If the instructor carries their bad mood in a lesson and takes it out on you then they are not worth it.

10) Timekeeping - Sounds obvious but make sure if your instructor turns up late then ends the lesson early you should not have to pay for the full lesson. If i am going to be 1 minute late i text my pupil and always overlap at the end.

11) Piggybacking - If your instructor picks up another pupil during your lesson and says it is to get you used to carrying passengers, don´t let him/her do it. After all, how many strangers are you expecting to carry? You will be carrying friends and family. It is for one reason alone, for the instructor to make as much money as possible. I have 30 minutes between calls to get to my clients in good time and not to pressure them to carrying strangers. By piggybacking the instructor squeezes more lessons into the day to make money.

12) DON´T PAY MONEY UP FRONT. Any discount is designed to keep you for as long as possible so you don´t go else where. The cheap deals look good but 2 or even 4 of them hours are generally saved to test day. After the initial deal some companies put up their prices to up to £40ph and if you walk away you lose the hours you have banked for test day. I describe paying up front like this:- Imagine in a job your boss payed you up front for 3 months. You would probably do what most people do and go out and spend most of it. Then for the next 3 months you are working and not getting paid. Would your heart be in it? Probably not like most people. PAY AS YOU GO, then your instructor has to work for every lesson they teach.
Passes 2018
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Passes 2018

Morgan (family from Hollins)
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Morgan (family from Hollins)

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