STOP!!!! Look no further.

YOU have found the driving school at astaLvista who puts YOUR needs first.

We supply TWO things for you.

FOR £1 A WEEK you can get access to our videos that teach you all the basics on how to drive but ALSO explain about the driving test and show you not only how you are marked by examiners but ALSO how to AVOID the points by showing you the SAFEST way to drive and pass your test. The videos will be posted daily on our private Facebook group, along with other top tips and up to date advice regarding theory and practical tests from an experienced driving instructor. In this group it covers ALL aspects of your driving test and you can ALSO request videos which we will do for you.

Your life is busy enough to not sift through pages and pages of driving schools who tell you about THEM. We put YOU in the driving seat by putting YOU first!!!!!!

These videos can be done outside or with driving lessons to help you pass with LESS driving lessons. You will need some lessons but this could save you time and money especially if you cannot find an instructor.
If you practice these videos you could save yourself hundreds and hundreds of pounds of driving lessons by practicing privately in friends or family cars.
There is ALSO a banner at the bottom of the page where you can get LEARNER INSURANCE so you can use dads car for example which would be great as it would NOT touch HIS no claims bonus.
The banner has a link within it that will give you a DISCOUNT to save you even MORE money.

You can email us direct below to be added to the group and we can be more than happy to help with any questions you may have.


The SECOND thing we do is supply driving lessons within local areas in Manchester.

The driving test has had MANY changes over the years and we keep ahead of any changes by showing you how to tackle these changes to give your examiners EXACTLY what they want to see AS WELL as showing you the BEST and SAFEST way to drive.

We are a company that does not “Piggy back” you on a driving lesson (making you pick up other clients wasting YOUR lesson time) we also don’t fill up with fuel (unless YOU ask) to go to shops or bank during YOUR lesson.
This is YOUR time and we give YOU EVERY MINUTE.
We teach far too many clients who have had BAD EXPERIENCES of their instructors getting them to take their children to school, pick up food for them or even do their chores!!!
This is YOUR lesson and YOUR money that should be used for teaching ONLY not for other things.

EVERY lesson you should come away with a “New skill” learnt or an old one improved.
We look after YOU so you will ALWAYS look forward to your lesson and come back for more.

WHEREVER you go for your lessons DO NOT pay UP FRONT and DO NOT pay large amounts of money UP FRONT for a FAST PASS course without getting advice FIRST.
The amount of clients who come to me after WASTING money on a FAST PASS course and then have to pay out MORE money for even more lessons.

Some, (not all) of these PASS FAST companies take for example £1000 off you yet only £800 gets to the instructor as this is THEIR “ CUT”.

OUR Lessons will be charged £35ph on a "pay as you go" basis.

Keep YOUR money in YOUR pocket not your instructors.
Paul - Chadderton
Thanks Jason, now i can get to work and back now without those busses. Thanks.
Paul - Chadderton

Great pass
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Great pass

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