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Well done Ben for passing with Jason at AstaLvista..

"Jason was my second instructor after a bad experience with someone else. Wish I would have known about Jason first. I would have saved time and money. Thanks again Jason and will refer many people to you."

"Jason has taught my hubby his brother and a lot of our friends. I can now see why. He is patient friendly and approachable. He really knows how to boost your confidence to achieve that pass. Was so nervous at the beginning and had to ask the examiner...

"I was very nervous and didn´t think I would get my test passed. Jason gave me the confidence to believe in myself. Thank you for all your support."

"Got messed around by another instructor and was glad I went to Jason. Was very nervous and he really put me at ease and give me the skills and the confidence to pass. Thanks Jason."

"After being messed around by instructors who want 10 lessons up front every time, I called Jason.

He spotted faults that my previous instructor didn´t even mention. He knows his stuff and has a no nonsense approach. If fact even going...

"really enjoyed lessons with Jason. My mum refers all her clients to him as me and mum was so impressed with my lessons."

"Fun and very good lessons with Jason. Other instructors i was with were more concerned in keeping me, Jason wanted to get rid of me (to get my license) thanks again Jason. You are teaching my cousin soon as well. You are now are family instructor!!!"

"Great lessons after being messed around by other companies."

"Fantastic experience with Jason. Got me through my test which i never thought i could do. Thanks for the confidence boost Jason."

"Wicked sense of humour just like me so we got on really well which helped so much to learn so quickly. Jason is fun but also has a very high quality of lesson which helped me speed through my lessons."

"Had a great time learning with Jason. He pushed me hard and got me to test really quickly. All my friends will go to him now. Thanks again Jason."

"Great instructor to learn with as i had been messed around by other instructors who didn´t seem to care how they taught me. Jason is down to earth with his no nonsense approach but very professional"

"Top bloke. Would not send any of my friends to any other instructor. Jason is very professional and told me things on my first lesson which my friends didn´t find out in over 15 lessons. If you want great tuition and don´t want to messed around...

"Really enjoyed lessons with Jason. He made it very fun and enjoyable and really knows his stuff"

Really enjoyed his lessons so much i am recommending my brother to him.

Very enjoyable and informative instructing by Jason.

Very good and recommend.

If you want to learn the RIGHT way, go with Jason.

Really great person to learn with. Fun and informative. My friends went with him as well.

Top Bloke!!!!

Recomended him to my mum and friends.

Was really looking forward to my lessons and Jason really helped me to gain confidence.

Recomended him to all my friends.

Really nervous at first but Jason really helped me.

Thanks Jason, now i can get to work and back now without those busses.


Jason helped me where other instructors failed.



I now know what lane to go into approaching a roundabout (joke between us)

Thanks Jason.

What can i say apart from how patient and understanding Jason was with me. I recomend him highly.

Thanks Michelle.

I really enjoyed my lessons with Jason. He made it feel like we were having a fun time but found his style of teaching that good that all my friends have gone to him for lessons. If you are nervous (like i was) or are just looking for an instructor who...

Jason helped me to relax as a nervous driver who was scared of making mistakes.My errors were corrected with a good degree of appropriate humour which by the time test day came had me feeling like I was driving around with a mate.

Having Jason teach me was the best thing i ever did. At first i was nervous like any driver, but Jason's approach was both friendly and informative I had fun but was learning at the same time! His professionalism helped me to practice manoeuvres until...

I started my first driving lesson with Jason on my 17th birthday and was very scared and nervous but after my second lesson with him i was at ease. I felt relaxed and comfortable with Jason. He helped me so much to get me through my theory first time and...

Theo passed with astaLvista (who is an Olympic gymnast)


"I would never have passed my test if it wasn't for Jason. He is extremely patient and supportive and makes every lesson enjoyable. He gives you the confidence and skills to pass FIRST TIME like me!! Would like to say a massive thanks cos he has changed...

Carolyn from Failsworth
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Carolyn from Failsworth

Jess from Failsworth
"Jason was my second instructor after a bad experience with someone else. Wish I would have known about Jason first. I would have saved time and money. Thanks again Jason and will refer many people to ...
Jess from Failsworth

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